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Established in 2009 by CEO and founder, Branden Nicholson, B. Nick Fitness is a full service health and wellness company providing fitness training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, health and life coaching. We offer a complete line of programs, products and services designed to assist clients with developing and maintaining the habits and practices that lead to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Branden, together with his wife Deneisha have one main focus which is to transform lives; mind, body and spirit, from the inside out!

About the owners



Branden Nicholson is the owner and founder of B.Nick Fitness, a full service health and wellness company. Branden was propelled into his career as a Certified Personal Trainer and life coach, when on March 8, 2005, while running a 40 yard sprint for NFL scouts at Eastern Washington University, Branden’s right femur (the largest bone in the body) snapped into two pieces.  He was rushed to the emergency room where they performed multiple surgeries in an attempt to save his leg. Three surgeries, a 28-inch rod and four screws later, Branden's leg was saved, however he was told that he would never walk again, not to mention ever play football. 


Branden literally went from being one of the most highly sought after college football players and potential NFL recruits in the US, to being threatened with having his scholarship revoked, due to his injury and the grim prognosis of no possibility of full recovery, from countless doctors.


Despite all odds being against him, and enduring the most grueling experience of his life, Branden knew that he would make it through. Branden used his pain, anguish and God's promises to push his way through, to a miraculous recovery. Amazingly, he returned to that same football field, the next year! Although playing professional ball did not manifest itself, while going through the intense process of mental, emotional and physical restoration, Branden discovered that his passion was not football after all, but instead the mental and physical transformation of an individual’s mind, body and ultimately their life!


For more than a decade, Branden has been transforming minds and changing lives from the inside out. Although “physical training” or “physical therapy” is what clients sign up for, they are all amazed to see an emotional and mental transformation taking place, while simultaneously trimming fat, building or rebuilding muscle, and developing the healthy habits required to lead a healthy lifestyle. 


Deneisha Nicholson is the co-owner and founder of BNF Body in a Bottle, a nutritional juice, snack and powder supplement company. About 7 years ago Deneisha began her journey away from corporate America and into the world of entrepreneurship, by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Life Coach. Deneisha combined her ability to overcome life’s many adversities, business experience, love for fitness and passion for mentoring to join forces with her husband, transforming and impacting lives from the inside out.


Deneisha’s journey to fitness and a healthy lifestyle have come by way of her faith. Struggling with her own self-confidence and how to value and view herself, she found the answers to each of her problems rested in her ability to truly trust God and believe in her ability to do all things through and with Christ. She trains, coaches and mentors clients using the foundational principle of fitness through faith; one can achieve anything they put their minds to, as long as they believe in their abilities through Christ.



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"Hi! your easy workouts have been amazing! Since my last visit to the doc I'm down 11 lbs"

Cassandra Desiree Breese

"Hey, Branden I am seeing great results from your chair workouts"

Babara Adams Brown

"Yes yes yes! they got me motivated to strengthen my core! I can do these. My back doesn't allow traditioinal  workouts and you're the first trainner I've seen that accomodates the 'lesser abled person'"

Laura Parsons Rowe


B. Nick Fitness

Health, Fitness and Life Coaching

Menifee, CA 92586

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