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Get the latest BNF Chair Challenge for just $5.99 pre-order below!


Welcome to the 7-Day Chair Challenge! This program is designed for all ages, all fitness levels, those with limited mobility, space, time or challenged abilities. Whether you have been searching long and hard for the perfect seated fitness option for yourself or someone else, stuck at home on the couch, at the office behind a desk or if you are just starting your journey due to a recent health scare, injury or illness, B Nick Fitness is here for you and will partner with you on the road to a healthier, happier YOU! 

This is just the first step on the path to a healthy and fit lifestyle! To ensure you stay on the road without any detours be sure to sign up for our Sit & Fit classes where you will receive a seated full-body workout Monday-Friday! In addition to the daily workout sessions, you will have full access to the entire library of previously recorded videos to ensure you always have a workout right at your fingertips! Click the link below to pre-order NOW! 

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